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Youtube Shorts
Engage with AI-optimized YouTube Shorts.
Instagram Reels
AI-tailored Reels for instant Instagram impact.
TikTok trends mastered with AI assistance.
Snap smarter with AI-enhanced visual stories.


Just click and automate

Experience the art of effortless video creation. Our platform allows you to customize an entire niche with AI-driven image styling, captivating music, dynamic captions, and engaging voiceovers. Initiate with an AI prompt, and watch as your vision comes to life through fully automated video production.
Craft videos with perfect harmony between captions and sound, all produced effortlessly.
Immerse in the seamless fusion of quality design and AI innovation for your preferred platforms.

Discover the automation library

We're releasing pre-made very high quality automation templates on the automation library for your inspiration, and usage!
Adapt with ease to templates matching
your vision.
Seamless quality designs for your favorite platforms.

AI services

AI video rendering
Transform your concepts into stunning visuals with our high-speed video rendering service that promises quality and efficiency.
Stable Diffusion AI images
Generate breathtaking images with our Stable Diffusion technology, crafting visuals that captivate and inspire.
ChatGPT AI automation
Deploy conversational AI to automate interactions, create engaging narratives, and personalize your content at scale
Elevenlabs AI voice
Leverage lifelike synthetic voices that bring your scripts to auditory life, enhancing your content with human-like intonation and emotion.


Pick a subscription for your needs
Select your preferred monthly credit pack size:
500 1000 2000 4000 5000


/ 500 credits per month
Can automate around
~5 AI shorts
( ~$3.00 per AI automated short )


/ 1000 credits per month
Can automate around
~10 AI shorts
( ~$3.00 per AI automated short )


/ 2000 credits per month
Can automate around
~20 AI shorts
( ~$3.00 per AI automated short )


/ 4000 credits per month
Can automate around
~40 AI shorts
( ~$3.00 per AI automated short )


/ 5000 credits per month
Can automate around
~50 AI shorts
( ~$3.00 per AI automated short )

Frequently asked

How are subscription payments processed?

ShortX processes subscription payments automatically via Stripe, using the credit card information you provide and in accordance with your chosen billing cycle. Please note that we currently only accept payment methods supported by Stripe. If any suspicious payment activity is detected by either us or Stripe, due to potential fraud, we reserve the right to suspend your account and forfeit any existing credits.

How will my credits expire? Can I "overdraft" future credits?

If you are on a monthly plan, your paid credits expire in 60 days, so they will roll over for one month. If you are on a yearly plan, all your credits will be valid for 13 months! You'll receive a full year's worth of credits immediately after your purchase, so you can "overdraft" them as much as you want. All credits will expire after 13 months. If you cancel subscription, the remaining credits will expire at their own expiration time, even if it’s after the end of the billing circle.

Can I purchase additional credits if I run out of the ones in my current plan?

Yes, there is no limit to the amount of credits you can purchase. If you exhaust your credits within a billing cycle, you can either upgrade to a higher plan or renew your current plan to instantly receive more credits. You can manage your subscription and make these changes from your ShortX subscription page.

How do I cancel or downgrade my subscription?

You can easily cancel or downgrade your subscription from your ShortX subscription page. Any changes will take effect at the start of the next billing cycle.

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What are users saying

"Instead of editing videos and posting regular videos, I now run a bunch of faceless short channels automated with ShortX, that rack up hundreds of subscribers per day."
Youtube faceless channel owner
(1K+ earnings)
"Snapchat recently dropped their monetization program, and I noticed that AI videos lead to a lot of retention. So I created a bunch of niches and started posting, and when videos started to stick, the ad revenue went through the roof."
Snapchat stories owner
(10K+ earnings)
"ShortX was a game changer for my TikTok growth. The unique, engaging videos helped me tap into new audiences and boosted my engagement rates, leading to increased earnings and brand collaborations."
TikTok influencer
(5K+ earnings)

Frequently asked

How does the AI generate videos based on prompts?

Our AI uses advanced algorithms to interpret your prompts and turn them into engaging videos. When you input a prompt, the AI selects relevant images, designs, and music, then combines them with appropriate captions and voiceovers. This process ensures that each video is not only unique but also tailored to your specific requirements and the chosen social media platform.

Can I customize the AI-generated videos further?

Absolutely! While our AI provides a solid foundation for your video, you have complete freedom to customize it further. You can adjust the image style, change the music, edit captions, and even alter the voiceover tone and pace. Our platform is designed to offer both AI-driven efficiency and user-driven customization.


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